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poker rebelUpdated In April, 2018 - I am a poker rebel. I use poker strategies that fall outside of the box. I don't need charts or tracking tools to tell me what to do. Rebel poker is a type of playing style that doesn't follow any mathematical rules. People put way too much value into hand selection and all of that. They sit around all day asking each other what they did wrong or right. They post their hands and then other online poker players nit-pick every little irrelevant thing. They go on and on about c-betting, bluffing, value betting and all of that garbage. Poker should be instinctual. You don't nee to know the exact number of bets or the exact odds. You shouldn't even think when you play rebel poker. It should all come from your gut. I should point out that there is a new online poker room called Poker Rebel at This site and that site are unrelated but I will provide a Poker Rebel review for those who came here looking for bonuses and such at the new poker site. After that I will explain how to play Rebel Poker online and win money in 2013.

poker rebel review - bonus - poker Rebel poker room

The Poker Rebel poker room opened in June, 2013. is one of the only new US poker sites to open in recent years. I'm not talking about a new skin, I'm talking about a brand new poker room with new software and new everything. Poker Rebel is a stand-alone poker room that is open to U.S. players in 2013. Perhaps with states legalizing online poker this company decided that now was the time. Poker Rebel or Rebel Poker is not part of any poker network and they do not share traffic with any other poker rooms. This is a blessing and a curse. It is extremely difficult to build up a new poker site's traffic from nothing. This PokerRebel review won't have much to say because there traffic at the room is minimal. Let's talk about the Poker Rebel poker room software. The RebelPoker platform will not win any awards. If I had to describe it with a single word I would say "blah". It is a simple, somewhat ugly looking platform that has no redeeming qualities. They probably got the graphics at

The traffic at Poker Rebel in 2013 is very low. Actually non-existent is a better word for it. I'm logged in and there are 0 real money players and 0 play money players. The only poker tournament is a $100 freeroll and there are only 20 registrants. The platform offers the following games:

Poker Rebel bonus in 2013

Poker Rebel's bonus is a 200% match up to $???. The web site doesn't say what the max bonus is. The Rebel poker room also has a reload bonus but they do not specify the match amount of the max. Here is another way to get free money at in 2013:

why should I play at the rebel poker room in 2013?

TBH you shouldn't. The company clearly has no experience in the poker industry. If they think that the room is going to grow they are mistaken. Even if the software didn't suck and they actually had a budget they would still close down in a month or two. Even if they spent $1 million on advertising during the next few months they would still have no traffic. There is just no reason to bother signing up. Garbage software, no traffic, no special features and no promotions. Whoever developed this new poker room has no experience with online poker and they put the bare minimum amount of effort into it. Rebel Poker - at this point in time - isn't even worth thinking about. I'm pissed off that I wasted the $6 to register this domain and the 20 minutes it took to write this.